Happy Valley Hot Lunch Program Spring 2018

Hello Parents and Guardians

Once again we are offering our Hot Lunch Program to our Happy Valley students for the 2017/18 school year. Hot lunches run 2 terms.

Term 1 -September-January

Term 2 -February-June

This is one of our LARGEST forms of fundraising for your child’s school, that aids in the costs of field trips, buses that take your kids on these field trips, and in-school entertainment, just to name a few.

To make the ordering process easier for parents and our volunteers …you must register  (please re-register every year) and place your child’s (or children) orders online at https://happyvalley.hotlunches.net/

For those who do not have access to a computer you may fill out a paper form (for the term) that you can obtain from the Happy Valley School office.

Please make selections for each menu, not just one hot lunch as you will not be able to add choices unless you email hvpac@hotmail.com directly. Thank you!

Payments are easy too!! You may either use the on-site PayPal (sign in as guest via PP) or via cheque or cash to Happy Valley PAC. Please note: all payments made by cheque MUST be made out to Happy Valley Parent Advisory Committee (PAC). Cash payments can be made for each hot lunch meal or by a full single payment for the term.

Mark the dates on your calendar; these dates are for Term 2 only and are ALL ON FRIDAY’S!!!

  • Fri. Feb 2–Hot dogs
  • Fri. Feb 13-Panago Pizza
  • Fri. Mar 2- Hot dogs
  • Fri. Mar. 16  Boston Pizza and Pasta
  • Fri. Apr. 6-  Panago Pizza
  • Fri. Apr.27-White Spot Burgers and Chicken Strips
  • Fri. May 18- Subway
  • Fri. June 1– Hot dogs
  • Fri. June 22 –Subway

The happyvalley.hotlunches.net site will NOT be available to order after 12 midnight, 10 days prior to the Hot Lunch date. This allows time for our suppliers and our volunteers to purchase supplies, etc. Changes, late orders, etc are difficult to accommodate.

If you wish to be a volunteer, (because we always need them and is always greatly appreciated) please  email hvpac@hotmail.com if you are interested. THANK YOU for supporting your child’s education:-)

Note: if your child misses hot lunch due to illness, lunches are available to be picked up after 12 noon that day. They are kept in the PAC fridge until after school. Siblings and parents are encouraged to pick up. Please see the office to pick these up.

I am pleased to be your Hot Lunch Coordinator for now. We are looking for a volunteer to fill this position as I am already the school Fundraising Coordinator. Please email hvpac@hotmail.com if you are interested.

Thank you for supporting your child’s education 🙂

Cynthia Major….Hot Lunch Coordinator