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Dear Happy Valley Families,

We are enjoying getting to know our new classes and cohorts this week. All students are working on new routines and building classroom communities. This week, we welcomed more new students to Happy Valley, and our Kindergarten children attended their first week. Amidst new circumstances, we have ensured a terrific start to the year! Thanks to everyone for your hard work and support.

Student Illness

Thank you for doing a daily health check for your children prior to sending them to school. The Health Checklist is available on the District website for your reference. If children display any symptoms of illness (cough, congestion, sore throat, runny nose, nausea, fever) they must stay home until all symptoms have cleared. We will be calling home for children to be picked up if children become unwell at school. Thank you for your support of our revised health protocols.

Parking Reminders

Our parking spaces are limited and the staff lot is already over capacity with our growing population. We also have some students and families requiring accessible parking spaces. Thanks for adhering to local bylaws regarding parking on private properties. We appreciate the effort parents are making to walk or park safely off-site where possible.   

Pick-Up and Drop Off

Parents MUST remain in vehicles while in the through lanes. The through lanes quickly become congested and can not be used as parking spaces. We have 2 District buses and several Daycare Buses that pick up children at the end of the day. When buses are parked and waiting on site, please ensure the driveway entrance into the parking lot is clear to allow for all buses to move out quickly.  When vehicles are blocking the entrance, it also blocks the bus lanes. Thank you for your help with this. It is a relatively short wait until buses depart.

Parents and Visitors to HV

Thanks to parents for encouraging children to go directly to their line-ups in the morning. We are attempting to limit the number of people interacting with cohort groupings, and appreciate the effort parents are making to maintain physical distancing. At this time, parents and visitors are not able to enter our schools. Thank you for waiting outside the entrance to the office and giving us a wave at the window if you are needing assistance.

Students Being Picked Up Early

Sometimes, there are circumstances when students must be picked up early from school. These include family emergencies, medical specialist appointments, dentist, etc. When possible, parents are asked to email their child’s teacher the evening before the appointment, to ensure the message is received. Teachers are unable to attend to their email within the school day as they are working with the students. When teachers know of the absence, they will be able to have children ready for pick up outside the office. Children will be waiting at the purple bench until parents arrive at the front doors. We will escort children outside the front door to meet their parents.

MyEd and Parent Portal

Last year, some families accessed MyEd after it was first introduced at Elementary Schools in November. Among other things, MyEd is used to track student attendance and to update student contact information. If you were able to access MyEd last year, the process remains the same. If you have not yet accessed MyEd, we will be sending information in the coming weeks to assist families. At this time, there is no immediate urgency in accessing MyEd at the Elementary level. Thank you for your patience with this process.

School Cash Online

Most parents are already able to access School Cash Online. This is used for providing parent consents and purchasing some school items (ie- Agendas for 2020). If you have already accessed School Cash Online, you will be able to continue to do so. If this is new for you, we have attached instructions.

“Litterless Lunches”

In an effort to reduce the amount of garbage and recycling in the school, we ask that families attempt to send water bottles (no glass) and re-useable containers for food items. Children are being reminded to take home any leftover food and wrappers. We are not able to continue our school recycling program while COVID 19 protocols are in place. Thank you for your assistance.

PAC MEETING – Tuesday, September 22nd @ 6:30 PM

All parents are welcome to attend monthly PAC meetings. It is a great place to learn more about school happenings and PAC initiatives. This year, PAC meetings will happen remotely. Please join us if you can.

Topic: Happy Valley PAC meeting

Time: Sep 22, 2020 06:30 PM Vancouver

Join Zoom Meeting


Meeting ID: 838 8080 0744

Passcode: HVTigers

Introducing our Amazing HV Staff

Secretary                          Lea Marshall

Custodians                       Quentin, James & Ryan

EAs                                    Margo Griffiths, Tracey Green, Jeannie Kwan, Sam Nywening, Tara Poirier, Brandi Price, Alyssa Frerichs, Maria Soares, Darla Yalden, Sam Horonowitch, Janet Herrington

Health Care Assistant     Chrissie Sluggett

Supervisors                      Cathy, Christina, Julie, Tim & Teague

Crossing Guards              Jeannie Kwan, Ron Caley, Cathy Gordon-Findlay

Student Support Team   Camille MacRae (Integration Support/Behaviour Support)

       Liz Postle (Reading Recovery/ Integration Support/ Behaviour Support )

      Joanne Gregory (Learning Assistance/ Integration Support/Behaviour Support)

     Tayler Jernslet ( Integration Support/Behaviour Support)

     Laura Schaeffer (Counselor)

    Catty Santilli (Speech Pathologist)

    Ali Gage (Occupational Therapy)

   Emma Taylor (Physical Therapy)

   Max Weinstein (ELL)

Aboriginal Education      Michelle Wolf   

Music                            Kristine Kosolofski

                                    Lois Mackenna

Library                         Sue Allen

Grade 5                       Rupert Gadd ( Cohort A)

                                    Rob Cook (Cohort B)

Grade 4/5                   Chelsea Sihota (Cohort A)

Grade 4                      Josh Johnson (Cohort B)

                                   Krista Leakey & Rebecka Creighton (Cohort C)

Grade 3 /4                 Sue Allen & Laura Sherwood (Cohort C)

Grade 3                     Meaghan Taylor (Cohort E )

                                  Sherri Ewer (Cohort D)

                                 Shelley Roberts (Cohort D)

Grade 2/3                 Lisa Therrien (Cohort E)

Grade 2                     Laura Parker (Cohort F)

                                 Michelle O’Regan (Cohort F)

Grade 1 / 2               Erin MacMillan (Cohort G)

Grade 1                     Megan Neissen (Cohort H )

                                  Pauline MacLean (Cohort G)

                                  Linda Logan (Cohort H)

Kindergarten              Kareen Kimoto (Cohort K)

                                   Kelly Hancock (Cohort K)

                                  Kristin Holland & Ashley Conrad (ECE) – (Cohort K2)

Vice Principal            Krista Leakey

Principal                   Karen Sjerven


Thank you for your support as we navigate the start of a new year. We are so happy to be working with your children. Enjoy a wonderful weekend.



Mrs. Karen Sjerven